DDSF Business Plan - 2016 to 2020


The Drumheller & District Seniors Foundation is proud to announce that we have received the Primer Award from Accreditation Canada for Hillview Lodge!

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Accreditation Canada

Our Mission:


The mission of the Drumheller and District Seniors Foundation is to promote, develop, provide and manage affordable and adequate housing accommodation that encourages a high quality of life for senior citizens and the elderly disabled who are functionally independent, and live in Maple Ridge Manors I or II, Blooming Prairie, Riverview Villa, Highland Dell, Hillview Lodge or Sunshine Lodge and Cottages; and to provide affordable and appropriate housing for low to moderate income individuals in the Drumheller and District Seniors Foundation housing units.


Our Vision:


To provide an environment where seniors may reside with dignity and independence, in safe, adequate accommodations, and are able to receive services that will enable them to remain full participants of our community.


Description of our Organization:


The Drumheller and District Seniors Foundation is a Management Body created by Ministerial Order (Exhibit A), under section 5 and a corporation as outlined in section 6 of the Alberta Housing Act.  The function of the organization is to provide adequate and suitable accommodations that are accessible to seniors based on individual need.


The Board of Directors:

Allen Avramenko, Chairman 

Tom Zariski, Vice-Chairman

Suzanne Lacher

Kerry McLellan

Dawn Bancroft


Chief Administrative Officer – Jenny Krystoff




  • To provide and plan preventative maintenance services which will ensure a safe, clean, structurally sound, and efficiently operating consolidated agency.

  • To provide housekeeping services which ensure a high standard of hygiene, and minimize maintenance costs in units and common areas of the consolidated agency.

  • To provide a high level of safety through the provision of plans for maintenance and safe operations of all safety features and equipment, as detailed through the Workers’ Compensation Board, and Partners in Injury Reduction Program, and through training of staff and residents through safety procedures.

  • To develop new, and re-evaluate present policies for management and staff.

  • To ensure, on a continuing basis, the cost effective operation of the consolidated agency, recognizing the responsibility to the municipal and provincial tax payers by developing and operating an appropriate budgeting system.

  • To promote the holistic health needs of our seniors by providing or facilitating their participation in social, leisure, and recreational activities in conjunction with their families and the community.

  • To promote the involvement of families, community organizations, and volunteers in the overall well-being of our residents in the Lodges, Manors and Self-Contained units in Drumheller.

  • To continue providing the services that have always been present, and to continually work towards improvement of those services.

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